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Download JOOX Mod Apk V7.9.6 (Premium / VIP / PRO) Latest Version For Android

Download JOOX Mod Apk to listen to many songs with various genres and singers, this Joox mod application is widely used by smartphone users as an alternative to being able to experience the premium features of the JOOX song listening application.

As we know that JOOX is a popular application for listening to songs, because in the application there are many songs from many singers and genres.


The JOOX application has an elegant and user friendly appearance and is equipped with good features such as an equalizer, lyrics and so on.

But to be able to use the JOOX application in total, you must subscribe first, this is what makes many JOOX application users look for other alternatives, namely by using the JOOX Mod Apk.

Previously, had also reviewed the Sportify Mod Apk, and for more details about this JOOX Mod, read the following review:

About JOOX

JOOX is a good music listening application, has an attractive appearance, is user-friendly and the features offered are very complete.

You can search for old and current songs very easily, songs that are currently popular, and so on, in addition to finding easy songs, there are other features that are no less good, such as equalizer, song lyrics, search features ranging from songs, albums, singers and so on. so on.

This proves that the JOOX application tries to meet all the needs of its users very well. Besides that, you also add a playlist of your favorite songs very easily, and you can also listen to songs on JOOX offline, by downloading the song first.

And with all the advantages of this JOOX music listening application, it is only natural that this application gets a 4.5/5 Star rating from 6.34M respondents since this article was created and will continue to grow, with the following details:

App JOOX Music
Publisher & Link (Playstore For Orisinil) Tencent Mobility Limited
Genre Audio & Music
Versi 7.9.6
Size 120 MB
Requires 5.0 Up

About JOOX Mod Apk


Joox Mod is a modification made by another party, meaning that it is not from the official developer, this modification allows you to use the Joox application for free with the same features as premium.

And of course you will get the same Joox mod features as the original version, such as equalizer, playlists, listen to songs without ads and so on.

And of course for those of you who want to use this Joox mod apk, you can’t find it in the Playstore or Appstore, so the download link for the Joox mod apk has been provided below.

But before you download this Joox mod, you also have to know first what are the features in this application:

Features JOOX Mod Apk


And because this Joox mod is the result of a modification, it certainly gives you convenience in using this Joox application, because in this Joox application there are features:

VIP & K-Plus

Those of you who use the Joox mod application will immediately get premium access because there are VIP and K-Plus features, this allows you to use and optimize the use of JOOX Music in a complete and comfortable way.

No Ads

And because you are a premium or VIP user, you will automatically be comfortable using this Joox application, because there are no ads that appear when you listen to music. Because as we know sometimes things like this can also lower a person’s mood.


In this application you can set many things ranging from language, lock screen, lyrics, quality, storage location and so on.

That way you can adjust it to your cellphone or smartphone, and what’s interesting is that you can use settings like “what doesn’t interest me” meaning you can define songs that you don’t like.


If you are bored with the default look or theme, you can change to another theme, because in this Joox application there are lots of themes that you can download and use.

That way maybe you can adjust the Joox theme to your mood at that time, and so on.

Full Playlist

In the Joox application, it has also been sorted, so you can adjust it immediately, want to hear a playlist of rising hits, or what is viral, the latest indo songs and so on.

That way, those of you who are confused about what song to listen to, will be helped by the playlist in this Joox application. In addition, you can also create a playlist of the songs you like.

And of course there are many more things that can make you happy using this JOOX song listening application.

Download JOOX Mod Apk

And for those of you who are interested in using the JOOX mod apk application, just a reminder that the Joox mod application is the result of modifications made by other parties, meaning that if you use the mod version there is no security guarantee and it can also harm the official developer.

But for those of you who still want to use and download the latest version of the joox mod apk, please click on the link or download the joox mod below:

App JOOX Music
Publisher & Link (Playstore For Orisinil) Tencent Mobility Limited
Genre Audio & Music
Versi 7.9.6
Size 120 MB
Requires 5.0 Up

Download JOOX Mod Apk V7.9.6 (Premium / VIP / PRO) Latest Version For Android

Old Version

Download JOOX Mod Apk V7.9.0 (Premium / VIP / PRO)

Download JOOX Mod Apk V7.8.0 (Premium / VIP / PRO)

Download JOOX Mod Apk V7.7.0 (Premium / VIP / PRO)

How To Download

For those of you who want to download the method is very easy, as follows:

  1. Klik Download *****
    In the form of a link like this, please click
  2. Later you will be taken to the Download Page
  3. Wait 10 Seconds Like the Picture Below
  4. Next there is a Captcha Fill Menu as requested then click “Download”
  5. After you click “Click Here To Continue” Please click “Get Link”
  6. Check the apk file you want, then click Download
  7. Done, wait for your apk download process to finish.

How To Install

Note: It’s a good idea to never log in using a personal email

For those of you who want to install this application, the method is very easy:

  1. Make sure your cellphone is active, the source is unknown
  2. If it’s not active, the way: Go to the settings menu / settings / settings> Security and Privacy / Security and Privacy> Unknown Sources / Unknown Sources> Activate.
  3. After downloading the application, click on the link provided above.
  4. Wait for the download process to complete.
  5. Click / tap the application that you have downloaded
  6. Select Install, wait for the installation process to complete
  7. Now you can use the application.

The above is the basis that almost all smartphones have in common to activate this feature on your cellphone, so you are expected to adjust it yourself to the cellphone you are using.

Difference Between Mod And Original Version

Basically the mod and original versions are the same in appearance and operation, the difference is in the comfort and features provided. In general, the differences are as follows:

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Orisinil Modifikasi
There are ads No Ads
There are in-app payments No payment or free
Locked Features Unlocked / Premium Features

One application to listen to music that is good and full of features is JOOX Music, you can easily search for songs with various genres and singers, old or current songs, hits and viral ones very quickly.

And those of you who use the JOOX Mod Apk version, you can only use it as a trial, and if it’s worth subscribing, it’s recommended to use ORIGINAL JOOX MUSIC which you can download from the Playstore or Appstore.

That’s it for this review about Downloading JOOX Mod Apk Latest Version For Android, Thank you for reading this article to the end.

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